What is a MacSkin Decal?
MacSkin is a decal that sticks on your Apple device and make it look awesome!
Does your Skin cover my Macbook logo?
Nope! All our skins have the Apple logo cut-off in order to be always visible!
Is it safe for my device?
MacSkin is not only safe it also protects your device! Made by the high quality material (ORACAL and BGS) it protects your device from Sun, Scratches and Liquids.
Is my iPhone protected in a Waterproof case under water?
MacSkin WaterProof cases have been certified with CE and IP-X8. The Highest Rated IPX8-Certification gives 100% Waterproof coverege for up to 6 meters under water! You just have to follow the instructions and you are ready to shoot your super video & images up to 6meters under water!
How easy can I install or Remove my MacSkin?
If you know how to fill a balloon then you are ready! ;) Just kidding… – Installation of your MacSkin takes maximum 10 minutes and its easy like riding a bike! Step by step instructions will ship with your MacSkin so as to be guided in every step. Removal is also a piece of cake and doesn’t leave any piece on your device.
Do you send Items outside of U.S.A?
We ship your MacSkin in all over the world! Actually we have already customers from Siberia, Patagonia and a small village located on an Island of Greece!
When I will receive my new MacSkin?
It depends on your location. We usually ship items within 3 business days. The MacSkin will arrive @ your place between 7 to 30 business days. (You will see all the shipping details when you proceed to Checkout)
Do you make refunds?
No, as our products cannot be used again if you open them. BUT: If for some reason you are not satisfied from your Mac Skin then you can shop another skin and we will send you on more for free!